Honesdale Vigil: Climate Change Talks : Copenhagen

Dear Breathing Readers:  The following article is published here with thanks to SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support.)  I received it as an email notice about  the upcoming candlelight vigil scheduled in  Honesdale’s Central Park on December 11, 2009 at 5:00 pm.  The vigil is intended as a message and plea  to the Climate  Change Talks in Copenhagen and is organized  in solidarity  with 350.org.  However,  it includes information about the impacts of climate change on our local area and so I’m helping promote the event  to a larger audience.   Best, Liz

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All are invited to bring a candle to Central Park, Honesdale at 5 PM on Friday, December 11th to join a vigil for hope during the climate change talks being held in Copenhagen.  SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support) is holding the vigil locally, while 350.org is calling for similar events around the world.

Here in northeast Pennsylvania, our Maple and Black Cherry trees are already being challenged by the effects of a carbon-overloaded atmosphere, and are expected to disappear completely within our children’s lifetime when our local  climate will be resemble  that of present-day Alabama and Georgia, according to a recent report specific to Pennsylvania and  published by the Union of Concerned Scientists.  While we are already getting a taste of devastating floods in our region, countries like the Maldives and Bangladesh will soon be devastated and are fighting for their very survival.

“Our atmosphere has almost 400 parts per million of carbon, mainly from fossil fuel burning for electricity and cars,” says SEEDS chair, Michele Sands.  “We need to get down to under 350 to continue life as we know and love it in northeast PA.  SEEDS is promoting renewable energy sources and sustainable food choices locally, but we need our government leaders to respond to the urgency of our situation, here and in Copenhagen.”

CNN called the previous worldwide 350 event in October the biggest day of political action in the planet’s history. Several local groups including SEEDS took part, SEEDS announcing an ambitious plan to encourage installation of 350 Kw of renewable energy in our local area within a year and save just as much through conservation.

“We hope these vigils will surpass the October action,” says Kathy Dodge, organizer of the local vigil. “And this will be as easy as a walk in the park. So, please come with your candle or lantern to help send a message to Copenhagen.”

Anyone wishing more information about this vigil, may go to 350.org or SEEDSGroup.net. Contact SEEDS at (570) 224-0052 or SEEDSGroup@gmail.com.

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