Meet The Drilling Companies: 9-8-09. Bernie’s in Rock Hill, NY

I’d welcome an opportunity to discuss with you more targeted ways by which you can endorse Breathing Is Political. Perhaps over a glass of Dimock, Pennsylvania’s finest fire water? Or, maybe at your industry-sponsored promotional event tomorrow night at Bernie’s in Rock Hill, NY. (See the CottageWorks Community Calendar for details.)

(The following was written today with old fashioned  pen an paper.  No  electric on the mountain.  Due to the 9-8-09  drilling promotion being held in Rock Hill at Bernie’s,   I wanted to post this announcement  and correspondence before getting all the Party photos uploaded. Sorry!)

Dear  Gas Drilling Companies  That Are Eying Sullivan County, New York:

First,  I want to tell you how much I appreciate your frequent visits to this site, Breathing Is Political.   Some of  the “hits”  are probably  “ping backs.”  (I don’t really understand  all  that blog stuff either, so don’t be embarrassed.)  I do notice, however  that some of your visits have lasted long enough for a good read.  Great!

I’d  welcome an opportunity to  discuss with you  more targeted ways by which  you can endorse Breathing Is Political.  Perhaps over a glass of   Dimock, Pennsylvania’s finest  fire water?  Or, maybe  at  your industry-sponsored promotional event tomorrow night at Bernie’s  in Rock Hill, NY. (See the CottageWorks Community Calendar for details.)

I also want to express my personal gratitude  for the informational sessions you’ve planned in New York.  I genuinely appreciate having this opportunity to hear about all the benefits in store for us in Sullivan County. I’ve included links  for your convenience here because you might not remember where Sullivan County and the Delaware River Basin are.  I know how busy you’ve been in Dimock, PennsylvaniaFort Worth, TexasPavilion, Wyoming and so many other places where drilling is creating whole new landscapes and jazzing up the water with an array of additives.

Just one quick update about our Light Up The Delaware River Party last night because I know you’re interested.  Evidently,  a couple of  Pennsylvania river officers were forced to eject three  middle-aged  people from a PA access site.  The  three  revelers were preparing to pour cups of clean water into the River or something bizarre like that.  Sigh.  What can ya’ do, right?  (Turned out there were nearer 20  participants for the candle lighting on the Bridge but  more about that tomorrow.) I did hear reports that  one of the  agents looked “a bit sheepish” about the role he was playing and happily, neither officer  felt the need to unholster  his sidearm.  Thank goodness, right?

Please excuse the disjointedness of this.  I’m just so excited to finally have a way to talk with you!  (By the way,  could you please call Josh Fox at Water Under Attack?  I know he’d love to hear from you.)

Sorry for that diversion.  My Granny-something brain is easily distracted.

Since your interest in my modest little rag sheet has  been rewarding for you, I’m  posting this letter  to other blogs.  I’m sure they’ll do everything they can to encourage lots of interest in,  and attendance at,  the upcoming promotional events you’ve scheduled for New York State.

And there are  supportive documents at Governor Paterson’s site, aren’t  there?  I know he’s getting  pretty excited about all the gas dollars waiting to be plucked from the Marcellus Shale in New York. But don’t  worry yourself over the details.  We’ll have you covered.

FYI:   Coming tomorrow,  “How To  Light Up The Delaware River in under five weeks for less than $1,000.  (Hint:  it starts with  an inspired idea.  Mine came from Gandhi.  And yours…?  What with your millions?  billions?  for national TV ad campaigns, you’ll find our grassroots efforts  interesting in a folksy, anthropologic kind of way.  Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Meet The Drilling Companies: 9-8-09. Bernie’s in Rock Hill, NY”

  1. Confucious say he who hints at progress make biggar mess. Shame on Grizzly who gluttens salmon during big run….leave much caos and decay in wake. Tis never too late to be ethically right…would make your human side shine and do your heart wonders. Please reconsider your drilling and be a pioneer in your quest…think alternative and be the renascence of your industry. The karma would be a million-fold.

  2. I am left feeling sick to my stomach at the prospect that “Our Life in Sullivan County” will become unrecognizable to those of us that call this place home. If the people lining up to sign these leases, truly believing that the wealth they so greedily hope to achieve, regardless of the cost to this beautiful piece of earth happens I go from sick to my stomach to not being able to breath. What are we to do? who is actually listening to us? is there really anyone who will help? From what’s we see going on with the health care issue I’m losing hope….

  3. You might be surprised, Victoria, to learn that someone who’s just signed a lease is anxious to work with us to pass the Frack Act and make sure a severance tax is placed on the drilling industry. We may not agree with the decision to sign a lease, but some of the people who are signing are my friends and they’re neither greedy nor oblivious to the preciousness of our Basin. Not one of them made the decision lightly or easily. And in the same way that many of us are afraid that the gas companies will despoil our land and then abandon us, many lessors feel that the encroaching gentrification of our Basin has left them behind. It’s not easy to see the pain an adversary feels but it’s worth the effort, I think. Thanks for writing, Victoria because you expressed the threat of loss so well. I know when I stood on the Narrowsburg bridge last night that I felt grief and fear and inexpressible joy that so many care. One of the most outspoken proponents of drilling joined us in Narrowsburg last night and he was also pleased to see so many who care about the Basin gathered together. There’s just nothing easy about this.

  4. I happen to have bought some 16 acres 4 years ago, great view, great investment for someone to build their dream home. To my dismay I recently learned that it is surrounded by the acreage that has been deemed for drilling. So I hope that there will be truth told. Thanks for keeping us in touch with the challenge we will all face knowing the BIG Gas companies seem to say one thing and do another.

  5. We’re lucky in this area that so many people saw early what was happening. We have terrific resources people can access for information. Dave Soete puts out a compendium of drilling news in a morning email. DCS has good overall updates and fact sheets. Un-natural gas is doing amazing coverage and has excellent links to information. Send a Water Under Attack link to anyone you think doesn’t know (but wants to know) the kinds of big trouble faced by residents and communities in 30+ states. All of those folks are available to make presentations to community groups so that the word is spread. The River Reporter, The Times Herald Record, Philly Burbs, Phoenicia Times and Olive Press are just a few of the local news media who are bucking the tide. That said, I can’t imagine the horror you felt when you found out what’s looming all around your land. But, you are NOT alone. Be sure to attend the corporate-sponsored session at Bernie’s in Rock Hill tonight at 6:30. You won’t be there by yourself! lol Liz

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