Tips for Picking a President

I asked myself,  “Do the candidate and his Vice Presidential nominee understand  well enough  the pickles we’re in to describe  them coherently?”

“Do the candidate and his Vice Presidential nominee  point to our differences and exacerbate our  lock step outrage?   Or, do they identify our points of agreement and  stimulate rousing,  inventive problem solving?”

For the last several decades,  most of our  national discussions have been adversarial debates, framed as  “either-or” choices.  We’ve been herded by those narrow confines into separate fortresses: Tree Huggers vs.  Greedy Developers; Pro-Abortion/Pro-Choice  vs.  Pro-Life/Anti-Choice ; and High-Spending, Bleeding Heart  Liberals vs. Miserly,  Greedy Conservatives.

Signs of civility are creeping back into the discussions.  New starting points are being proposed and  more points of view  are being invited  to the table.  Will the candidates foster or stymie these efforts?

What radical old concepts can we hear if we listen closely?

That we are inextricably  connected —  for better or for worse.

That whether we’re rural or urban, we need  the roots and audacity that make us whole.

That the cockroaches  won’t mourn our passing  when we fail to teach our children science, philosophy, literature, the arts,  math and ethics.

That if we  enunciate  sane priorities  (ecological protections, fair wage jobs, vibrant schools, robust health care, nutritious food production and equal access to information) and  develop fair playing fields,  our bankrupt discussions of  low or high taxes and big or small government will be rendered irrelevant.  Instead,  we will talk about investments in our future and the benefits reaped.

That we are not heads-in-the-clouds intellectuals or pragmatic rubes.  We are dreamers and implementers.

That we are not insular Believers or snobbish Skeptics.  In times of threat, we all reach for familiar comforts, tending to  turn our backs to the storm and cast worried glances at strangers.

Faced with famine, dwindling resources and invaders who carried contagious diseases, the inhabitants of  “Easter Island”  (Rapa Nui)  turned on one another and plundered the lands of those who were killed.   Their cultural totems were destroyed by civil wars and the people were reduced and enslaved.

So I ask myself, have our fears so crippled us that we can’t learn  the lessons of history?

Will our next President encourage our unity or divide us so that only the wealthy prosper?

And then, I imagine Bruce Springstein as our Poet Laureate.

Let us know what you think!

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